Coverage Area

     Coverage Areas

     Loomis Notary Services, L.L.C. is based in Saint Louis County. We serve most of Saint Louis County, and portions of Saint Louis City, Saint Charles County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County.

     Please find a list of our standard covered areas by zip code and county. Please note that this list is NOT definitive, and if you are located somewhere not on this list, we will still be able to serve you.

Please use the map below as a guidance tool. As stated above, if you are located outside the boundaries, we will still be able to serve you. The map is simply a rough, initial visual-guidance tool.

     We cover the following zip codes by county: 
  •       Saint Louis County:
    • 63005 (Chesterfield, Wildwood, Gumbo, Clarkson Valley)
    • 63011 (Manchester, Town and Country, Ellisville, Ballwin, Wildwood, Winchester)
    • 63017 (Chesterfield, Town and Country, Clarkson Valley)
    • 63021 (Ballwin, Ellisville, Manchester, Wildwood, Winchester, Sherman, Twin Oaks)
    • 63038 (Wildwood, Glencoe, Ellisville)
    • 63040 (Grover, Wildwood, Lake Chesterfield, Pond)
    • 63043 (Maryland Heights, Hazelwood)
    • 63045 (Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Earth City) 
    • 63074 (Saint Ann, Northwest Plaza)
    • 63088 (Valley Park, Manchester, Twin Oaks)
    • 63105 (Saint Louis, Clayton, University City)
    • 63114 (Saint Louis, Breckenridge Hills, Overland, Saint John, Vinita Park, Charlack)
    • 63117 (Saint Louis, Richmond Heights)
    • 63119 (Saint Louis, Webster Groves, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury)
    • 63122 (Saint Louis, Kirkwood, Warson Woods, Des Peres, Oakland, Glendale)
    • 63123 (Saint Louis, Affton)
    • 63124 (Saint Louis, Clayton, Ladue, University City)
    • 63125 (Saint Louis, Lemay, Bella Villa)
    • 63126 (Saint Louis, Sappington, Crestwood)
    • 63127 (Saint Louis, Sappington, Sunset Hills)
    • 63128 (Saint Louis, Sappington)
    • 63129 (Saint Louis, Oakville)
    • 63130 (Saint Louis, University City)
    • 63131 (Saint Louis, Des Peres, Frontenac, Crystal Lake Park, Town and Country, Huntleigh)
    • 63132 (Saint Louis, Olivette)
    • 63133 (Saint Louis, Pagedale, Greendale, Hanley Hills, Wellston)
    • 63141 (Saint Louis, Creve Coeur)
    • 63143 (Saint Louis, Maplewood)
    • 63144 (Saint Louis, Brentwood)
    • 63146 (Saint Louis, West County)
  • Saint Louis City:
    • 63108 (Saint Louis)
  • Saint Charles County: (Available by request)

  • Jefferson County: (Available by request)

  • Franklin County: (Available by request)